Holiday Day 5 – Toronto

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Our sleep pattern seems to be more normal and we slept through to 6am.

Ann went to the gym, whilst I caught up with my reading and tried to work out why no emails have been getting through since Saturday. It would seem that the ‘forwarding’ part is broken at the server end!

Our last full day today!

After breakfast, we headed for the ‘distillery district’. On the way there, we discovered another underground Mall. Ann picked up two tops and I splashed out on three short-sleeved shirts.

We popped into Lawrence Market on the way there. Wow! What a place! Fresh meat, sea-food (massive shrimps..the size of hamsters…almost), cheeses. Olives etc.

After a fair amount of walking we stumbled on the distillery district – it turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. It looked unfinished and a bit like an in complete Covent Garden! Still, in a year or so, I’m sure it’ll be heaving with people even though it’s a bit off the beaten track!

So, after a quick look round we got a cab back to the Eaton Centre where we mooched around ‘Indigo’ a massive book-shop.

We then had lunch in ‘City Grill’.

We then took a slowish walk back to the hotel. We got back about 3.30.

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