Car burgled?

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This is very strange! Got up early this morning to travel to Manchester for a meeting. When I got in the car I noticed that the small change I’d left in the centre console was missing. Anyway I didn’t think much of it at the time. Then I recalled that I had closed the centre console when I put the money in there last night – now it was open!

As I drove down the road, I noticed that the passenger door was ajar – that’s strange, I thought. It was only when I was half way along the A14 that it dawned on me to check the boot! I’d put my briefcase in ther last night in preparation for today’s meeting and, unusually, I’d put my wallet in there too! Ten minutes later, when I found a place to stop, the full horror hit me – I opened the boot and no briefcase..and obviously no wallet.

I guess I’m currently in shock. When did it happen? We went to bed at 9 and I was up at 3.25am. I did hear some voices talking in the early hours from outside, but that may have been a coincidence. I’m 99.9% certain I locked the car, but there was no damage to it, so maybe I didn’t – eek!

The Police responded very quickly and the forensic division was round by 9am. They found a very clear set of prints on the passenger door edge…so here’s hoping! And, if you’re the sort of scrote that reads my blog, look out, we’re onto you!!!


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