Day at ‘Millbrook’/Ann not well/Mae recovering

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I had a really enjoyable day at Millbrook today. This was courtesy of one of my clients. As their web-site says…

“Millbrook is one of Europe’s leading locations for the development and demonstration of every type of land vehicle, from motorcycles and passenger cars to heavy commercial, military and off-road vehicles”.

I managed to

Drove a Porsche at 100mph
Was a passenger in a Volvo doing 160 mph
Went off-road in an XC90
Took part in an F1 Car simulator
Drove a Mazda MX7 on a timed sprint
Flew a helicoptor (if only for 20 seconds or so!)
Drove a Segway

..and loads of other stuff

They don’t allow you to take mobile phones onto the premises. When I got back to the car at around 5.45 there were six missed calls! Ann had been rushed to hospital, having fainted at work. This was very unusual. Ann is as strong as an ox medically speaking and it was a real shock. They wired her up to all sorts of machines and did a whole load of tests. The results were promising. Nothing serious although it may be a bladder infection or a grumbling appendix.

Ann spoke to Mae who seems to be recovering well.

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