Biscuit and Bon Bon – 2 years on…

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Well, here we are now TWO years with Biscuit and Bon-Bon.

They’re always pleased to see us when we’ve been out working. They always greet us at the lobby door and they have both found their voices! Biscuit tends to be the more vocal of ther two (still!)

Since re-siting the cat-tower to the dining room looking out into the garden, it has made a massivve difference to how they use it. We know that cats like to get up high and the tower certainly allows this. It also gives them a SUPERB view of their territory – the garden. It was Lee’s idea to re-site it and they more or less live/sleep in it during the day when they’re not outside.

The other change is that although they occasionally still get chased by next-door’s cat, when the weather is good and one of us is home they are out the garden more-or-less all day. Biscuit went through a phase of jumping up on the fence and disappearing over next door, but that seemed to be a short term problem and she doesn’t attempt it anymore.

Bon-Bon should have been named ‘Digger’. Her behaviour in the garden is quite different to Biscuit’s. Whereas Biscuit will mooch around taking in the sights, sounds and smells, Bon-Bon heads for the lawn, and seems to sniff out what’s underneath. If there’s something there, she then attacks it with both paws. Well, it saves aeriating the lawn!!

They LOVE the garden!

Both continue to love having their tummy rubbed and they’re much more tolerant of being picked up. We’ve discovered that if you keep them the right-way-up (ie not upside down) they seem to be more relaxed. Our theory is that when they are upside down, everything looks unfamiliar and they panic.

They are both well-aware of the pond and don’t attempt to get in it anymore although they are fascinated by the fish. Recently, Biscuit was seen to be sitting by the side of the pond looking particularly pleased with herself, licking her lips and looking like she was having trouble swallowing something large. I also noticed some wet patches on the stonework leading from the pond to where Biscuit was celebrating. Hhhhmm, I must count the fish..or was it a frog?
Inside the house, they seem to have got all their areas sussed out. They go through phases of sleeping on our bed/sleping on the chair/sleeping next door etc. The nice thing is that when we get ready for bed, so do they! They hardly sleep together anymore and we haven’t seen any signs of aggression between them since that rare occasion sometime back when they looked like they were having their first serious fight.

The only challenge during this spell of nice weather is actually getting Bon-Bon in from the garden at night! Biscuit is OK, she generally sees us coming and after initially running away, gives up and let’s us bring her in. On some occasions, she’ll answer her name and come running in, just like a dog!

Bon-Bon is very different. She sees it all as a game of ‘chase-me’. She’s got to know the approximate time we call them in, sees us approaching and runs and hides. We then get close to her and she runs off somewhere else. The funny thing is that sometimes she gives up after about five minutes of chasing, whilt at other times she makes it very clear she doesn’t want to come in by constantly running away. Recently I got close to her to get her in and she started to growl – eeek!

Food-wise they still like dry-food and wet food. They went through a phase where they weren’t eating the wet stuff at all, so we stopped putting it down for them. They also seem to be eating about twice as much dry stuff – maybe it’s their increased activity outside

Here go then, into year three

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