National Trust/Denby/Jan update

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National Trust (United Kingdom)

We took a drive to ‘Calke’, a National Trust property in Derbyshire. What makes this one different is that it’s been left exactly as it was found – in a semi-ruined state. Apparently, the owners gradually ran out of cash and it was handed over to the NT in 1984. The Harpur-Crewes were very eccentric and never threw anything away. The general clutter of the place together with the peeling paint and wallpaper made it a very interesting visit. Not to mention the hundreds of stuffed birds!

Then we drove to Denby and took a look around the factory shops there. Bought a few items (saucers for the cats, some triangular dishes and a couple of spare ‘Reflex’ jugs.)

4pm. Time to head for home.

Janet’s not been so well this week. After her second lot of chemo last Monday, they kept her in all week and Jo picked her up today. That was longer than any of us anticipated. Let’s hope this week is kinder to Janet…

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