Chill-out Saturday/Escaping Cats

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It’s been a busy few weeks since Christmas and today was an opportunity to do not-very-much-at-all!

Ann and I temporarily fixed the fence down the side of the house (the recent gales had brought the whole lot down – but at least they’re not ‘ours’!)

..that allowed us to let Biscuit and Bon-Bon out in the garden. We haven’t been able to do that for a few weeks. The first thing they both did was investigated where we had repaired the fence. Two seconds later, Bon-Bon found a gap and was off into next door’s back garden. Lee tempted Biscuit with some cat treats to stop her doing the same thing. Ann popped next door and ‘rescued’ Bon-Bon.

Meanwhile, Biscuit now has a new party trick! I happened to look out of the window to see her walking along the TOP of the fence – eeekkk! She managed to get up there by launching herself off the top of the big pots. Looks like we’ll have to make a few modifications to stop her doing that…

At last, I managed to paint the area behind the bin in the kitchen.

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