Jaguar Service

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The Jag went in for its annual service today. I couldn’t have the extra laser detector fitted to the front of the car because there was no way they could make it easy to remove for when we travel to France. Bah!!!! Currently, they’re still legal in the UK, but not in the EU.
The Service worked out at £513.59, which included changing the brake fluid. It was all finished by 2pm which was great as I had a load of things to do at home. Unfortunately, as I drove out of the garage, the ‘electrics’ light came on indicating a fault. Initially, the Garage couldn’t work out what was causing it, but eventually, they discovered a deteriorating cable behind the front bumper. So that meant they had to take the front bumper off to fix it. Two hours later, they were still working on it and they ran out of time.
They lent me a MY06 petrol s-type overnight (with heated seats and heated front windscreen – nice!). My car should be completed by lunchtime tomorrow, which is ideal as I’m over in Stratford-upon-Avon then, and I can pick it up on the way back.

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