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My back doesn’t seem to be getting any better! Tried to book an appointment with my Doctor whilst waiting to fly back last Friday, only to be told ‘ We don’t have any left until NEXT Friday! We suggest you ring again on Monday…”

Tried ringing today, constantly engaged from 8.30 through ’til 9. Finally got through at 9.05, to be informed ‘There’s no more appointments left today…’

Couldn’t get them to send a Doctor out to me (I’m lying horizontal and it’s impossible to get in and out of a car). Instead they offered to ask the Doctor to ring me – that’ll help then!!! :((

The Doctor range back, three hours later, telling me to ‘take it easy’ and ‘take painkillers’ and admit myself to the local hospital’s physiotherapy department. He gives me the number, I ring it and leave a message. No-one rings back. I ring again to be told that the number I was given was the wrong number – ARGHHH!

I finally get an appointment for Thursday…

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