Palmers Reunited

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Our second foray into travelling down to my brother’s by train meant that we didn’t need to leave at the crack of dawn t get there. Unusually though, the ticket prices weren’t so advantageous and we weren’t able to get our pair of tickets for around £40 (as usual) – it was closer to £80!

Great connections all round and after leaving here at 9.45, we were knocking at their door by 12.15 – perfect!

I handed over my knackered PC for some intensive care and Neil gave me the hot-tray he’d picked up for me after I bid for it on eBay and bagged an almost new addition to our culinary ‘kit’ for only £30!

Debbie sorted out a buffet lunch and we had plenty of time to catch-up with everyone’s news – we even got to hear Frankie demonstrate his piano-playing skills although we didn’t see Alfie as he was working.

We said our goodbyes just before 3pm and after a short walk to the station, were lucky enough to get a fast train to Victoria. This meant that we were able to get an earlier train form St Pancras getting us home by around 5ish – a definite improvement on attempting to do the journey by car!

In the future, I can’t see us ever doing the journey by car as the train is quicker and nearly always cheaper – plus there’s the compete absence of stress in coping with the M11/M25 traffic volumes! Definitely one of our better decisions!

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