Curry with the Costellos

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It wasn’t like this for long!

A bit of a milestone this one: we invited the whole Costello family round tonight for a mega-curry night. I picked up John and Trish for 7pm and Sean and Conor arrived around 8.30.

For the main event, Ann prepared Chicken Tikka, whilst I prepared a Pork and Apple Madras and also Bombay Potato. To get us in the mood, we’d also bought in a humungous Indian Starter platter – that seemed to go on forever!

Whilst most of us approached the Madras with some caution (I created it, and I know it was very hot!), Trish dived in – seconds too! Good to see folk enjoying homemade fare!
Ann completed the menu by creating a mega-fruit crumble (one of John’s faves) and by the end of the meal it’s fair to say that all of us – including me – were totally stuffed!

A great night, with excellent food and plenty of laughs along the way! In fact, we spent so long nattering, I didn’t take any photos of the food!!
Sad smile
…but here is a pic of the (empty) dishes!

All Washed-up! (dishes too!)

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