Australian Cruise: Day 2 – Exploring Sydney

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After a really good night’s sleep, today we were ready to take on the rest of what Sydney had to offer!

But the first job was to seek out breakfast – and we found somewhere very near the David Jones Department Store

Suitably stuffed, and after our daily dose of retail therapy in the rather ginormous David Jones, we headed off to Circular Quay for a ferry-ticket to Watson’s Bay – and our ultimate destination for today, Hornby Lighthouse (in Sydney’s National Park).

The short trip by Ferry took in a famous landmark along the way – the Opera House – and from then on, in open water, she put her foot down an we were at our destination within about 20 minutes.

Once we’d arrived it was a very pleasant walk towards the Lighthouse and we enjoyed some superb views along the way…


It was on the journey there that we noticed there was also a nudist beach along the route – Lady Bay (stop tittering at the back!). It may be legal but it was clearly not compulsory, as even after the briefest of looks, there were quite a few ‘residents’ overdressed mingling with those who were making the most of the opportunity. I’m also beginning to realise now where that Ozzy phrase ‘Big down under’ comes from now!

The first sign for the Nudist Beach?

The ‘Official’ Sign

After reaching the Lighthouse, we headed back, stopping-off at the restaurant near the Ferry terminal for a quick bite and a drink – The Watson Bay Beachclub Restaurant.

Boy, was it busy! And it showed, with both seating availability and service creaking at the seams! Still, the beer was cold and the chocolate dessert, err, chocolatey! So we were sorted!!

Then it was back on the Ferry back the Circular Quay – and the 30 minute walk back to the Apartment for a quick ‘feet-up’ before going out again tonight to meet up with Andy McLean, at Caffe Amici in Sydney, for our evening meal and a good chat (we haven’t seen him for a few years).

It was great catching-up with all Andy’s news – and the rather superb food made it even more memorable! After we said our goodbyes, we walked back in the direction of the Apartment. The bonus was that it was now dark and the whole city looked very attractive ‘lit up’.

More exploring tomorrow – our last full day here in Sydney before jumping on the Cruise Ship on Saturday.

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