Australian Cruise: Day 1 – Arrival in Sydney

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After the flight out of Birmingham, courtesy of Emirates, stopping off at Dubai and Bangkok, we eventually arrived in Sydney – I think it’s been our longest flight-to-date, at around 23 hours.

We’re staying at the Wyndham City Resort Hotel in the Harbour area of the City. We arrived around 11am and that was far too early to check-in, so we had a quick mooch around the local area before the jet-lag kicked-in and we stumbled back to the Hotel and asked to check in at 1pm – success! (we must have looked knackered!).

The room is a one-bedroom apartment with everything we need for the next few days – and its location suits us perfectly for getting around ‘down-town’ Sydney.

So, after an quick unpack of the essentials, it was a quick shower before we were back out on the town – now that we had woken up a bit!

We decided to walk down to Darling Harbour, and the surrounding area as we’d been there as part of our honeymoon trip to Oz back in 2011. With the sun shining, it was just a beautiful as we remembered it with its variety of restaurants looking out onto the water – photos below…

After a thorough recon of the area, we stopped-off at Adria’s, in nearby Cockle Bay Wharf for one of their bargain lunches (spoken like a true pensioner!)…

…before taking a slow walk back to the Apartment. By now the jet-lag was creeping-up on us again, and we called it a day by 5pm (local time).

More exploring tomorrow!!!

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