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OK, so here we are, with just 1 minute left to go, I’m at the end of the Lent period for 2014. And, as the clock strikes midnight, it’s then end to my 44-day enforced denial of all the food and drink I really love!

After nearly caving in LAST year, trying to do the same, I wasn’t sure that I’d make it through the period without succumbing to the temptation of 2014’s 26 ‘banned substances’, but I have! So, it’s a big thank-you to Ann for putting-up with having to re-jig meals to conform to my list, as well as our friends and family who also tolerated my weird-ways during this period.
Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

The result? First of all, I’ve got a smug look on my face because I managed to find the will-power to resist all that yummy food and drink, and secondly, I lost a bit of weight too – more than half a stone!
Winking smile Winking smile


Whilst the smugness continues, I’m going to create next year’s list – and make it even tougher!!!

Now where’s that Burger bar… and the kebab…. and the curry…. and the beer… and the chips?!?!

Any comments?