Double Birthday – Fondue Frenzy

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Yummy! Our favourite – a rather cheeky sweet red

We walked (yes, unbelievable I know!) the quarter-of-a-mile to Julie and Tom’s tonight. Trish and John were there, and so were Karen and Paul, Rosi and Dave. Rosi had arranged a surprise double-birthday-meal (for Julie and for Paul), complete with a visit from a local wine expert. We’d all contributed various parts to the meal, and after getting it semi-organised, our wine-host Leigh arrived, introduced himself and launched into his presentation. We must have sampled about a dozen different wines and Leigh did a good job in presenting his wares to us and keeping an eye on the numerous half-opened bottles. I’m pretty sure he got them all back!

An hour-or-so later, with our whistles suitably whetted, we moved on to the ancient art of fondueing – and what we lacked in cooking expertise, we certainly made up for in food-combo-experimentation! Chorizo and devilled kidneys with grated cheese anyone??!!

Fondue Frenzy in Burton Latimer

We had a lot of fun because the great thing about fondues is that they create plenty of interaction between guests (not that we needed much help with us lot!) Tonight was no exception with a dozen of us sitting round the table, chatting, laughing, and listening to occasional tones of the smoke detector, objecting to our cooking methods!

Two hours later, with every permutation of fondueness now consumed, we all muscled in on the washing-up. In a flash, everything was washed, dried and packed within an inch of its life, leaving the rest of the evening (and maybe night), for a few drinks – and when I say a few… I mean a lot!

It was definitely a smart move to WALK there and back! By 12.45am there was no way either of us was fit to drive – in fact, you might have argued that we weren’t even fit enough to walk! Still, the cold night air certainly made the journey faster! ‘Trashed’ doesn’t even begin to describe how we felt when we got in, but it was a ‘good’ trashed!

And, in a record for us this year, we finally hit the pillow around 1.30am. It was a GREAT evening. Rosi did a great job in getting it all together – and to see the surprised look on Julie and Paul’s face was all that was needed for all of us to think it was a very (very) worthwhile event. We all agreed that we don’t get together like as often as we used to – or should do, but I’m not sure my liver could stand it!!!
Winking smile

My head IS going to hurt in the morning!
Confused smile

PS. It’s 7.30am Sunday – My head DOES hurt!!!!

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