Christmas Stuffing

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We invited Chris and Pete & Jo, Janet and Carol over for a pre-Christmas get-together and lunch today. Lee joined us too – a ‘full-on’ pre-Christmas stuffing awaited us! Ann had worked hard in the kitchen on Saturday preparing it all – creating a choice of two starters, roast chicken for mains and two desserts. – I think the last time I saw this much food was when I worked at Sainsbury’s – in the depot!!

With the meal over, we were all totally stuffed… but very contented! Perfect then!!

It was great to catch-up with everyone, but after our late-night at T and J’s on Saturday, I was amazed Ann and I lasted as long as we did! Lee took control of the kitchen debris, and we all mucked-in with the last few bits of washing-up.

I love Christmas – and it’s only the 8th!

PS Note to self: add two more holes to belt in preparation for the 25th and beyond

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