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Today was one of those rare family events – we got together the majority of the two clans round at ours for a communal lunch.

With one eye on the weather forecast and the other on our stock of washing-up liquid, we prepared for the a three-course meal – and ten hungry mouths. Unfortunately, Lee cried-off, as she wasn’t feeling well and she felt bad that she couldn’t get together with us all. Then there were nine!

Fortunately, the weather seemed to be in our favour as the promised rain moved to later and later in the day, and so we decided to eat outside – creating a ‘table for nine’ out of two of our garden tables.

Ann served up a very tasty selection of Italian Meats to get us started, and that was followed-up by a Chicken, Tomato and Olive thingy that went down really well, but proved that olives still divide the nation as to whether they’re a tasty complement or one of the Devil’s Vegetables! (Is an Olive a vegetable?) Bev prepared two desserts – calorie-enhanced individual tiramisus, as well as a more weighing-machine-friendly Raspberry Sorbet. Out of courtesy, I tried both! The wine of choice was a fruity Moscato from the famous vineyard of ASDA!

With the tables cleared, the old ‘uns did what they do best and were overtaken by a late afternoon siesta, whilst the kitchen saw more tea-towels in use than ever before! Then, as the last fork was returned to its resting place, the senior citizens came out of hibernation and we finished off the clans’ get-together with a cuppa.

In our opinion the day came together really well. I can’t recall the last time we cooked for so many people – and with Ann’s creativity in the kitchen and my legendary can-you-keep-one-step-ahead-of-the-chef routine, we pulled it off – happy, stuffed guests, with an opportunity to try out every piece of cutlery and white china we own!!

Any comments?