A Celebration in Worthing

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We headed off to Worthing, as tomorrow is our good friends’ Ian and Sharon’s 10th wedding anniversary. The event has come round really quickly – it seems like only yesterday, we last roasted in sun-drenched Worthing. Because of the National Bowls Tournament, accommodation had been difficult to book, but we eventually located a small B&B near Arundel – ‘Hanger Down House’ – and that suited our needs perfectly!

We planned to arrive in Worthing about 3pm, drop into I and S’s for a quick hello before having a mooch round Worthing. Unfortunately, leaving home slightly later than planned AND on a Friday was about about the worst combination possible for a trouble-free journey. It all went pretty well until we got close to the Dartford Bridge where everything came to a grinding halt and we idled along at 5mph. Once clear of the Bridge though, the situation improved, and we did well for about another 20 minutes or so, before hitting more roadworks on the M25… and then more roadworks on the M23. We eventually arrived at theirs close on 4pm, after three-and-three-quarter hours behind the wheel! I was shattered!!!

We enjoyed a quick cuppa and a chat before we jumped back in the car and headed for the B&B, (after a quick look round the new mega-Morrison’s in Littlehampton).

Our comfy bed! 
We arrived at the B&B just after 6  – and ‘superb’ is the only word to describe it! Starting with a very warm welcome from Alison and Andy the owners, before being shown to our room. WOW! it was fantastic!  It had all the essential ‘f’s – Well furnished, a fridge, a flipping comfy bed and free wifi! Perfect! Heck, there was even a jug of milk in the fridge ready for us – nice touch folks!
The view from our room

And that’s where we spent the rest of the day (the room, not the fridge!) – chilling out and enjoying a gourmet packet of do’nuts and rose wine! (part of our ‘five-a-day? Well, the wine label said it had a hint of strawberry whilst the do’nuts had raspberry jam in them!)

We woke early (habit I guess) and after a late breakfast (for us) at 9am, we headed off in the direction of Chichester and some serious retail therapy. First stop, the new(ish) John Lewis Home outlet just outside the town! Shed loads of quality gear in a relaxed environment. Then, it was off to Chichester town centre.
Scenes of Chichester Town

Chichester was packed – and so we failed miserably to get into the short-stay car-park. The warm weather had certainly brought Sussex out to shop! The long-stay beckoned and after a short walk though the underpass (complete with classical flautist), we were in the town centre ready to browse. And browse we did! Ann surpassed her personal best and set a new record for a  first buy – 34 seconds from perusing to purchasing!

I was tempted by a pair of 300 quid maroon leather shoes, but luckily, I came to my senses just in time!

An hour later, we were all ‘browsed-out’ and headed back to the B&B to get ready for Ian and Sharon’s do. After a quick change, we headed for the venue in Patching. It didn’t take us long to find the Village Hall and we were soon parked-up and ready for celebration. Luckily the weather was warm and we were able to sit outside where the afternoon weather got warmer and warmer – gorgeous!

Snakes on a Plane? No! Belly Dancers at an Anniversary Party!

With Ian and Sharon’s ‘events’ you know you’re going to be fed like Kings and they’ll always be plenty to keep you occupied – and this afternoon was no exception! Truck loads of food including sandwiches, an Indian Buffet, Burgers, dozens of cakes accompanied a Tarot Card Reader, Funny Photo Booth, Belly Dancers, Karaoke (oh no!), Bouncy castle, Surf-board trainer and Cricket!

Lucky it wasn’t fancy dress!

We got a chance to catch-up with Paul, Ian, Ann and Alice and the time really flew! It was a brilliant day, in every sense and we left around 5.15 and back in the B&B by 5.30. Time for feet-up, the TV and that small bottle of rose wine in the fridge!

We were up at 7am in an attempt to leave not-too late and try and beat the traffic heading home. After a quick breakfast (and after yesterday’s gorge-fest, we didn’t have much room anyway!), we headed home. What a relief – the roads were completely clear of any jams and we managed to get home in exactly three hours including washing and refuelling the car! Excellent!

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