Big Blue for Kettering!

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Nothing really exciting ever happens in Kettering – it’s a nice place to live but nothing really ever gets the local tongues wagging! Until June 2013 that is!

The Council has decided that the current refuse collection arrangements of a Black bin, Grey bin, Blue box and Red box, don’t quite cut it any longer. So, starting in June, the blue BOX is no more (hopefully, it’s being recycled!), to be replaced with a new blue WHEELY-BIN – and just to keep us on our toes, what goes in the new BIN is not only what used to go in the old blue BOX. Pay attention at the back – there’s a test later!!!!


Blue is the colour!

When they design houses in the future, perhaps they’ll make allowances for the storage of these bins – there’s no getting away from it, they don’t exactly blend-in when they’re parked in your garden!

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