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End of the Beginning
OK, that’s it! The Home-office, like the dodo, is now extinct. Only the fittest survive, and the old black-ash furniture won’t fit with our new plans. Hats off to Bob, our local carpenter, who custom built all the office furniture (desks, bookcases, printer stations and concealed storage) over 20 years ago.

If the furniture was a song (ehh?, I must change my medication), it would probably be ‘I’m Still Standing’ by Elton John. It was in perfect nick when we took it apart (in fact, the floor-to-ceiling bookcase now lives in a neighbour’s garage as shelving for his gardening stuff!) – the rest of it left by skip this morning for its new home in a landfill or as a recycled something.

(and I take it all back about the skip being too large – we nearly exceeded the load-line with all the c*** that came out of the Home-office and the Garage).

With just the tech left in the room (until it finds a new home-within-our-home), we’re now switching into ‘decorating planning mode’ – painting, wall-papering, plumbing, curtains, lighting and furniture.

I love the result of decorating, but I hate the task of decorating – so I think I’ll fly south for the Summer.

Bugger! DoDO’s can’t fly!!!

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