Alan Parsons – The Album Cover that Never Was

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For all fans of the music of Alan Parsons, the forthcoming Album by his ex-music partner, Eric Woolfson, entitled ‘The Project that Never Was’, is eagerly awaited.

Design 1  Design 2 Design 3
Design 4  Design 5 Design 6
Design 7  Design 8 Design 9
Design 10 Design 11 Design 12
Design 13 Design 14 Design 15

Spookily, a related item on Steve Martin’s The Avenue Online web-site talks of album covers that also never saw the light of day. Steve collaborated with Pauline Mead, the graphics artist, on a series of ‘mock-up’ Album covers – 15 in all. They’re very thought provoking on a number of levels, whether or not you know the music of Alan Parsons or Eric Woolfson.

As Steve reports, sadly Pauline died at a early age and the designs were never progressed – a real shame!

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