Scarify and Convert!

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Probably the only disadvantage of the now, lighter evenings, is that it’s a lot easier to see how much work there is to do in the garden!

With the sun (almost) shining, and no sign of snow, we spent significant time in the garden today, picking-off the jobs. The big one was to scarify the lawn – and we were both amazed at how ‘stuff’ much came out.

Seduced by the good weather, I even washed and cleaned Ann’s car!

Wot! No more books!
The other major task today was the beginning of the gradual conversion of my ex-Home-Office back into a bedroom. With the last of my 153 management books now allocated to good homes, we now had the space to work out how the bedroom will finally look. We’ve worked out how the double bed will be positioned, as well as the minimal furniture. We also need to factor in having the ceiling boarded, lights re-fitted and the whole room painted and decorated.

Hopefully, it’ll all be done by June (whoever she is!).

…a job for the professionals I think – I know my limits… and they’re err, limited!

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