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 Life as the DoDO
Since the major management restructure here at the beginning of the year where I took the developmental position of DoDO (De Ad) – Director of Domestic Operations (Detail & Admin), I’m enjoying the new responsibilities. After a full TNA revealed  a number of competency areas where I’m overskilled (IT Support and Car Fleet Valeting to name but two), there is one, where my personal productivity is much lower than the previous job-holder!

..and that cannot be allowed to continue! Open-mouthed smile

That area is ironing, and more specifically, shirts. The debate about whether they should be ironed, folded and then placed in a drawer, or ironed and then placed on a hanger, is for another time – at the moment, my emphasis is on productivity.

Even with a steam iron, I’m averaging about 6 minutes a shirt – and that feels slooooooow! I’m sure in my bachelor days, I was much quicker than this (but then again, there was no daytime TV!!!). 

Is there anyone out there with any tips for getting them ironed more quickly? Is it possible to completely iron a shirt in say, four minutes (or less)? …or should I just invest in the non-iron variety?

Any comments?