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Thanks everyone, for asking about Mum – this seemed the most effective way to let you all know the latest news.

Mum was a little tearful when we first arrived, but we were soon having a thorough heart-to-heart conversation confirming the exact state of her health. The stents are fine and so is the pacemaker – the concern is those ‘little grey cells’ of hers and it’s fair to say that she has been very, VERY confused over the past few months about everything. Fact: her short-term memory is shot to bits, although there seems to be a fundamental difference of opinion amongst the medical professionals looking after her, as to whether she has the onset of dementia or not – our guess is ‘yes’ – but time will tell. More tests pending, apparently!

Mum has always been fiercely independent, but over the past week, she’s finally realised she has to surrender to some form of regular help once she’s discharged, if she is to manage on a day-to-day basis. We’re now all in agreement that pre-prepared foods; someone to clean and shop for her; a bit of company every so often, plus the family to handle her finances, are all needed, as soon as she’s out.

Fortunately, Neil had already floated the benefits of a regular home-help/carer and the concept of ‘Power of Attorney’, so getting Mum’s agreement was pretty straightforward – Phew, I thought that was going to be a real battle as Mum would see it as a loss of her independence, but that part of the discussion became a breeze! OK, I’ll need to brush-up on my form-filling skills (I hate form-filling) but at least the Hospital & Social Services will help us with all the other stuff!

Mum will probably be discharged this week and we can start to get the ball rolling.

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