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Ann's Lamb Tikka - Yum Yum!!

Ann’s Lamb Tikka – Yum Yum!

Our regular monthly meal out with David and Val saw us returning to The Exotic Dining Indian restaurant in town with a subtle difference – no Val and initially, no Ann. I’d got the dates mixed up and Val was elsewhere on a work-thing and Ann had got caught in some horrendous traffic-jam on the way home.

David and I arrived there around 7 and were seated quickly. The customer service there was, as always, superb and we were soon served with our first drink and scouring the menu. We ordered for Ann, and with almost (almost!) perfect timing, Ann arrived, and so did the food. And it was superb in every way – presentation, visual appeal and of course taste.

Every time we go there, we’re impressed, and although the restaurant wasn’t as busy as you would expect for an Indian, it’s a really great place to eat. If you fancy something a little different, away from the normal hustle-bustle of your more traditional Indian Restaurant, we’d thoroughly recommend it.

Superb!! (again!)

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