Jubilee Holiday: Saturday

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Skipton Castle 

We all slept well. I was up first (what a surprise!), followed a nano-second later by an excited Oliver. The remote controls for the TV/DVD combo had confounded all of us adults last night, but in Oliver’s hands, the problem was solved in seconds and the DVD was entertaining us in no time! Perhaps not the best combination when I’m trying to read the book that Sally gave me on NLP – Luke Skywalker and the Four Pillars of NLP’ made an interesting mix!!!

Roger and Jane prepared brekky and we were soon sitting down to a full banquet of most breakfast permutations!

The weather looks typical bank-holiday – grey and undecided – so we decided to drive over to Skipton and have a look round. What a desolate area it is up here – miles and miles of nothing on the journey there.. no cars… no mobile signal… just mile after mile of bleak Yorkshire countryside. I know many people think it’s beautiful (and maybe the grey weather didn’t help), but it’s just soooooo boring!

The town was heaving, no doubt partly due to it being a bank-holiday weekend. I’m not sure what the collective noun for Morris Dancers is, (a ‘worry’?) but there were plenty around. We headed for the Castle and spent much longer there than we planned – it was brilliant. Lots of nooks and crannies, actors dressed in period costume and a coffee shop (with free wi-fi!).

P1010636 P1010639 P1010638

Then it was off to Bolton Abbey. I’d quite forgotten how large the whole area was. We did the walking circuit and then stopped off for lunch at the cafe half way round the ‘circuit’. By now, the weather was on the turn, getting much colder and with spots of rain in the air – yuk!

I wouldn't want to mow the lawn!

Bolton Abbey That's Oliver and Jane 'doing the stones' The view from the top of the trail

Last stop of the day was Brimham Rocks, a National Trust property full of err, rocks. Unusually, this location didn’t do anything for me at all – boring or what! zzzzz!

Then is was back to the Cottage, for feet-up, a read of the newspapers and a curry night! We’re uncertain about what we’ll do tomorrow as the forecast is for rain. We may pop next door to Fountain’s Abbey, as being the Jubilee Weekend, there’s plenty going on!

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