Jubilee Holiday: Arrival

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O2 no signal
Here we are within spitting distance of Fountain’s Abbey, and as expected, not a mobile signal in sight! (Yes, Vodafone and O2, I’m looking at YOU!).

We’re spending the Jubilee Weekend/Bank Holiday plus most of next week here with Roger, Jane and Oliver taking in the local attractions, including of course, next door: National Trust’s Fountain’s Abbey.

We were first to arrive followed five minutes later, by Roger, Jane and Oliver – perfect!

First things first – unpacking! The first 371 bags are the provisions, and we appear to have enough for 50 people for six months – again, perfect!!!! Smile
Next – clothing, with just enough to get us through the week!

In spite of the sheer volume of materials to unpack, it didn’t take long, and we were soon tucking into sandwiches followed by strawberries and meringue.

We started to get into ‘Jubilee-mode’ by watching a touching reflection of the Queen by Charles, Prince of Wales. There may be some big celebrations coming up on TV, but it’s going to be a real challenge to really appreciate it all on the tiny TV in the lounge! I don’t what it is about NT properties, why do they think that those of us on holiday wouldn’t want to sit down after a hard day’s play and watch stuff on a reasonably-sized TV – it always seems like an afterthought!.

Still, enough whingeing – I’m now officially in holiday-mode…

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