Mother’s Day

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We took a drive down to Mum’s today. It’s been our first opportunity to see her since she came out of hospital, and rather fitting as it was Mother’s Day too! We knew that Mum wouldn’t feel like cooking, so Ann and Lee prepared a complete meal here – a full Sunday Roast – and we took it with us wrapped up in foil and stored safely in tupperware boxes.

Mum seemed to be on the mend although she is SO negative about everyone and everything – maybe it’s the medication, but if the stories are true that she’s been recounting during her convalescence, then there’s a few people out there, since she was discharged, whose good intentions have been rebuffed, and are bound to be feeling a bit p***** off with her.

Wasn’t it Pete Townshend who said: ‘I hope I die before I get old…’

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