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I took the train to London this afternoon to catch up with Antoinette and Philip. The original plan to get the original ‘gang of 5ive’ together faltered slightly as the others had various bits and pieces going on in their lives that prevented them from joining us.

I arrived in London around 4.30 and that gave me plenty of time to get phone calls out of the way before we all met at 6pm.

Luckily for me, the chosen venue was Humaira located just a spit from St Pancras International in Judd Street.

London was buzzing as it always is, with the majority of people heading home whilst I bucked the trend and headed in!

I temporarily put my Lent List on hold for four hours as we started off at the Skinners Arms next door and then drifted in Humaira, twenty minutes later. We haven’t eaten there since July last year. Just as last time, the food was nothing short of excellent and price-wise, we didn’t think it was typically London, with each of our bills coming in at the low 2Os (and that included drinks poppadums and a main course).

We chatted and chatted – as there was lots to catch up with. Most significantly, Philip had formalised his relationship with Richard through a civil partnership back in January – great news!

We left around 8pm and that was perfect for me. I caught the 8.30 out of St Pancras International that got me back to Kettering by 9.30. Ann picked me up and we were home, fifteen minutes later.

It’s my turn to organise the next one. Initial thoughts are to try ‘Speedys’ the sandwich bar made famous in the current Sherlock series (supposedly in Baker Street but really in Gower Street!)

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