Ziggy Returns

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I got the car back today. The paint ‘blister’ that had re-appeared on the rear bumper is no-more, and it all looks shiny-shiny!

Bumper - Ziggy

The body-shop stripped the car down removing the rear bumper and concluded that it was some debris on the cross-member ‘pushing’ into the bumper from the inside. They felt the blister had been caused by some form of impact on the bumper itself allowing the debris to ‘push’ outwards through the paint, causing the imperfection.

That got me thinking, and I couldn’t work-out how this had happened. I don’t recall reversing into anything, and as there was no other damage on the bumper, I’m pretty sure no-one’s run into me.

Anyway, in spite of the body-shop concluding that it WASN’T technically a claim under warranty, they still went ahead and did the job and didn’t charge me anything! Good to see that excellent customer service is alive-and-well and residing at Forest Gate Body-shop, Corby!

Thanks guys – much appreciated!

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