Lunch: The Granary, Peterborough with Alison

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I met with Alison W, today at The Granary, Peterborough. We haven’t seen each other since July, last year and it was good to catch-up with each other’s news.

As I’m trying to stick to my Lent List, I navigated successfully around the menu, avoiding the banned substances, and settling for chicken, whilst Alison chose the Burger. We struggled through dessert though, nice as it was.

The talking point (amongst many other things) was something we’ve never seen on a menu before – a real first – it was called  bottomless chips. We had no idea what they were until we explored the menu further. It turned out that it simply means  a continuous supply if requested.  I think we both just thought: ‘weird name!’

All-in-all, the food and service was pretty good, although they were a bit quick in leaving us the bill, we didn’t need to ask!

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