Fish and Chips – ‘Shoot that Pigeon!’

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Tom, Julie, Paul, Trish, John, Rosi, David and Lee joined us for Fish and Chips tonight (Karen wasn’t able to join us as she’s in Manchester). It was the first proper opportunity we had to catch-up with the gang since the wedding and the conversation flowed freely (with a little help of Rioja and Moet!!!)

From ‘pigeon murders’, ‘the height of magpies’ and ‘troublesome mobile phones’, we discussed it all, and pretty soon we had righted all wrongs in the world!

The fish (from the local fish shop) complemented the Aunt Bessie’s chips well, together with the mushy-peas (obligatory!) and for the non-traditionalists, non-mushy peas! – it’s fair to say, we stuffed ourselves silly. Ann’s ‘Croissants-baked-with-custard-and-white-chocolate-and-whisky’ (need to find a name for this!) tempted us all, but the girls (mostly) bottled out, leaving the guys to ensure that it never made it back to the fridge!

Lee did a great job in the kitchen, staying three steps ahead of us and ensuring the process of ‘bomb-site’ to ‘food preparation area’ was achieved in the shortest possible time!!!

It was a FANTASTIC evening – I haven’t laughed so much in ages!! It was great to see everyone!!!

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