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…tidying-up the garage!

Yes, it’s that time of year again, the sun is shining and there’s not a cloud in the sky – so we’re going to give the garage some love and attention! The target in previous years has always been to try and clear it sufficiently to get both of our cars away. Sadly, that’s now an impossibility as we’ve acquired lots of garden furniture, which has to go somewhere when the sun isn’t shining. Add to that, the capacity needed for Ralph’s tools and materials whilst he converts our shower-room into a wet-room, and we have one side of the garage packed to capacity.

So, whilst Lee did us proud and sorted out the ironing, we blitzed the garage – it’s amazing how much stuff there was to throw away, but it certainly made a difference. With some serious re-positioning and a sweep-up, an hour later, the job was done! We still can only get one car away – guess whose? – but it’s not such a death trap anymore.

Whilst we were on a roll, we raided the under-stairs cupboard too, and gave that a severe talking-to! Apart from the Japanese soldier who was holed-up inside and hadn’t been told the war was over, the contents were just an accumulation of bits and pieces over the years. Another hour, another job done!

We finished our chores by jet-washing the patio, but there was a fault with the washer lance and I seemed end up with more water on me than where it was aimed. Well, at least we’ve started the job!

We rewarded ourselves with pasta for lunch. Ann and Lee had the tomato-ey cheesey thingy, whilst I experimented with some Swedish meatballs with chillies to go with mine.

Another scorcher of a day, and with a load of bank holidays coming up, we hope it stays that way!

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