Easter 2011 (Good Friday)

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Clean and shiny Patio
Well, the great surprise this year, is that weather has been (and is forecasted to be) SUPERB – mid 20s round here, which suits us perfectly. Whereas the rest of mankind is getting away from it all, we’re staying-put and doing some jobs around the garden. The new pressure-washer that I bought yesterday has already earned its keep by making light work of cleaning the patio stones in the back-garden – so that’s a good start.

Yukky Pond
The cleaning job that we weren’t looking forward to was cleaning the pond – a job that needs to be done annually, but in reality, gets put off for as long as possible, because it’s such a dirty and smelly job – yuk! Anyway, 25 buckets of smelly sludge (transported by hand to a handy drain located in the front garden) and a couple of hours later, it was ‘job done’ and we sat back to admire our work. Part of the satisfaction is knowing that we don’t have to do it for another year!!!

So, all that was left to do today was to sit back, enjoy a cool drink, and soak up some sun.

What a great day!!!

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