It’s been a bad week here for technology!

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First, my NetBook dies and now the four home phones have more-or-less all deteriorated beyond repair.

New phones.... The replacements turned up today courtesy of John Lewis, and they look pretty good. The best thing about them is that you can program in someone’s number on a single phone and then copy it to all the other phones.

2pm. They’re all up and running, but they’ve got so many features that I do need to read the manual – and that’s very unlike me!

Hey, I just discovered another cool feature. Let’s say ‘Billy the Bogey-man’ is making nuisance calls to you. There is a feature on the phone that bars his number and gives Billy the engaged tone whilst secretly storing his number at your end.

…and another. Set the preferred time and anyone ringing you after that time goes straight to voice-mail – without the phone ringing. Ah-hah, but what about someone ringing you in an emergency? Well, those clever people at Panasonic have thought of that too – you simply enter a list of those entries from your phone book as ‘exceptions’

…only another 90 pages to read…. 🙂

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