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P1000382The electric garage door has recently taken on a life of its own. I don’t recall any stories of garage-doors being possessed – however, mine was opening and closing every time I approached it! (Ann’s was fine). Even more bizarrely, if I switched on the interior light in the garage, that triggered the doors too. And, if that was confusing enough, Ralph and Karen’s key fob triggered it too when they tried to lock their car.

Eventually, I discovered that it was the PIR on our security light that was triggering it when I stepped into the ‘zone’.

I rang the car-door manufacturer of the door and mechanism (Cardale) and they couldn’t work out why either. A few hours later they rang to offer me two new fobs on loan for me to re-program and try-out. I drove over to their offices – luckily, just 10 minutes away – to pick them up.

Good news! I chose the fob that most closely resembled the existing one and after a quick re-program, I tried it…and it worked!

Normal service has now been resumed.

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