Biscuit and Bon-Bon – Four years on…

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We’ve now had the cats for four years.

Biscuit now sleeps on the chair in our bedroom and Bon-Bon who used to sleep at the foot of the bed on Ann’s side, now sleeps on the floor. The initially amusing habit of Bon-Bon jumping on the bed at 3.30am and tapping me on the head to let her out has thankfully stopped – she now just jumps on the bed and stares!!

During the day, the cat-tower, once their home-within-a-home, has given way to Biscuit sleeping upstairs on our bedroom chair (as she does at night) and Bon-Bon snuggling-up between the two cushions on the third chair in the office.

The cat from over the back still terrorises them occasionally. Recently, they both came charging-in from the garden at around 100mph having been chased by the terrorist! It’s a bold cat as it chased them right up the patio door entrance and just sat there. Yeek!

STOP PRESS: Biscuit is occasionally a lap-cat!!! and Bon-Bon ALMOST became one a few weeks back, but then jumped down onto the floor immediately. Well, it’s a start.

Biscuit continues to be the lazy teenager. She mostly lies in and often doesn’t get up until 9am! She stays out late (in the garden) and has to brought in; and occasionally ‘runs away’ by jumping up onto the divider fence and ‘escaping’ into Karen’s garden. There has been a further incident this year where she has appeared at the our front door having gone into Karen’s and slipped under her gate heading for ours!

They both still drink regularly from the pond – yuk! – but that’s a cat-thing!!! It doesn’t seem to matter if we have put fresh water down elsewhere, they prefer the green stuff!! There has been renewed interest in the fish of late – maybe that’s because the water is a bit clearer.

They are both now a lot easier to get in from the garden. If we get behind them, call their names and tell them to ‘go in’ they nearly always oblige and run indoors. Who says cats can’t be trained?

Using Patsy to bath and brush them every six-weeks is really paying-off and their coats are in great condition with hardly any knots between sessions. That’s a load off our mind and I’m sure it’s better for them too!

They’re both a lot more affectionate – especially Bob-Bon who has developed her voice and can be quite vocal

So, here’s to another year with our furry friends!

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