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It’s Bank Holiday Monday, so time for a lay-in and a lazy day – yeah right!!! I was up at 6.30 and Ann, not long after, at 7.15. We’ve got plans to plant all the err.. plants bought from Bosworth’s yesterday AND to get a coat of emulsion on the kitchen ceiling. Add to that, cleaning the car and getting a few bits of shopping in, and it’s going to be a busy day 


By 8am, Ann was gardening and I was sussing out our whizzy new gadget for painting the ceiling – the ‘Paint Wizard Pro’. Seduced by the advert on Sky, I was like a rat-up-a-drain-pipe when ordering it a few weeks back, as I thought this would save us a lot of time. It doesn’t splatter paint and there are no messy paint-trays to step-in – sounds perfect!


Err, no! I filled it up with paint, waited the recommended two minutes to allow the paint to soak through and then tried it. Unfortunately, it took far too much rolling-effort to get the paint to actually deposit itself on the ceiling. Ten minutes later, I’d covered all of 1 square foot!! I tried thinning the paint, but that didn’t seem to make much difference. I tried using the extension rod, but that was so wobbly, I couldn’t direct the head. Then, just as I thought it might be working, the end fell off the head giving the paint its total freedom – all over our blue carpet!!! – Good job it was only emulsion!!! Enough of this – time to return to more traditional methods in the shape of a paint-brush. A few hours later, I’d got a third of the ceiling covered and the coving with a first coat.

Ann was progressing well in the garden. The area surrounding the two large pots tidied and replanted – check; the bed to the right of the pond, dug-over and replanted – check; and similarly the bed to the left and most of the main bed too. 4.45 and Ann was knackered. I think it’s the most time she has ever spent in the garden.

Time to put our feet-up for the rest of the day!

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