TV: ‘Ashes to Ashes’ – Series 2, Episode 6

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OK, we’re getting very close to the end of the series now (only two more episodes left) and things really should be shaping-up in resolving Alex’s predicament.

Having watched this episode, I feel they’re not! Although it was a pretty good story – the one about them discovering a dead-body in a canal – it was, predominantly, just another cop story.

On the plus-side, there was a significant scene where they finally removed the bullet from Alex’s head, but this seemed to be an afterthought and very rushed in its execution – I’m sure they could have made more of it.

The sexual chemistry between the two leads continues to be cranked-up but rather than will-they-won’t-they, it’s now more a question of: for-goodness-sake-just get-on-with-it!

I’m getting quite bored with it all now!

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