Kitchen Ceiling

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original Our long-term plan is to modernise the kitchen and utility room. Initially, we’re getting rid of the ‘swirly-plastered’ ceiling and dumping the crappy fluorescent tubes in favour of some modern down-lighters in both the main kitchen area and the utility room.

holesPhase I (Thursday) – Mick, the electrician came round to create the holes and lay the wiring for where the new down-lighting will eventually go. 

pre-coving Phase II
(Thursday) – Nathan and his team came round to re-board and plaster the ceilings and then put up the coving.

with covingPhase III Thursday) – Mick returns to drill the holes for the down-lighters.




covingandinitialpaint Phase IV (Friday) – I paint around the freshly drilled holes in preparation for Mick to return on Saturday to install the lighting.



lights_installed Phase V (Saturday) – Mick installs the lighting

Phase VI – This phase is down to us as the ceilings and coving will now need repainting. More on that, when we get around to it! The hardest, and most boring part, was me having to remove the old stick-on border prior to any of this – but now I’m thinking, did I need to anyway? – the plaster-board and the new coving completely covers the area of the stick-on border! – Doh!!

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