Bank Holiday Weekend at Lee and Bertie’s – Saturday

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We left just before 7.30 and had a good run over to L and B’s getting there just before 10am.

After tea and coffee, I set about trying to sort out their combi VCR/DVD player. The problem appears to be the picture is far too dark. The problem is intermittent, and I experienced the same problem whilst testing the equipment myself. After hooking up my spare DVD player, and running the same DVD, it seemed to indicate it was the equipment itself. I concluded it was best to buy a replacement.

They are also experiencing problems with not being able to receive certain channels via their Sky box. This is a curious one – BBC2 and Channel 4 and some others including BBC3 and 4. Considering they could receive all these channels up the road where they lived before seems to suggest it’s a dish problem. Apparently, the neighbours can’t receive the channels either – so that tends to support my theory.

Ann helped Lee shop on-line at Marks and Spencer whilst I was faffing around with the technology.

We had lunch around 1pm – bacon, cheese sauce and a selection of vegetables followed by yoghurt.

We then headed for Argos in Cromer to buy a replacement for their DVD/Video player and to buy a cheap set-top box as a simple solution to receiving the channels that they can’t get on their Sky box. We haven’t been to Argos for ages. What a complicated process to buy something! Enter store… Find the item in the catalogue… use their desk-reader to enter the item number to see if it’s in-stock… nope… choose another… tap in number… in stock..?  Nope… repeat the process for another 10 models advertised in the catalogue… all out of stock!. On checking with the staff and finding one that WAS in stock, we then queued up to pay and then queued up again to wait for them to retrieve the item from the warehouse. It’s soooo labour intensive and soooo slow!!! Frustratingly, both DVD/VCR models were out of stock too, so we’ve reserved one at their Norwich branch for tomorrow. We also popped into Homebase too for Lee to get a toothbrush holder

We got back about 3.15 and after a quick cuppa and cake I set about trying to get the new Freeview box to work. No such luck – the result…0 channels found! There is obviously a poor digital signal here or it’s the wrong sort of aerial installed on the roof of the block here.

Onwards and upwards then. We put up the toothbrush holder in their wet-room – success! Then the white-board in the kitchen – also a success.

Time to put our feet up and look forward to Lee’s cooking and a night-in watching the TV. Lee prepared me some meat patties with potato and coriander – delicious! Ann settled for ham sandwiches.

The plan was to watch a DVD from Lee’s collection, but we couldn’t find one that we all agreed on. Instead, we settled for watching Primeval (that in my view is going from strength to strength) and then (shock, horror!), Britain’s Got Talent – not normally our sort of programme, but strangely addictive! For me, the most interesting part of the TV was the first showing in the ad break of T-Mobile’s second flash mob event in Trafalgar Square on the 30th – a few days ago.

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