Angela for a meal in Peterborough

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I drove up to Peterborough to meet up with Angela C. She’s running a Workshop there tomorrow. She doesn’t often get this far north :), so it was good to catch up.

Prezzo's in Peterborough We went to Prezzo‘s in Cowgate. It was pretty quiet when we arrived but soon got busy. Food was OK rather then great. The starters came within what felt like 30 seconds of us ordering them – and mine was cold! Mains were hot πŸ™‚ and very tasty – I had butterfly chicken breast with a gorgonzola and cream sauce with a side of potato gratin whilst Angela had a fish salad.

I wanted to get home to catch-up with Ann and her latest news after seeing the Barrister, so we missed out desserts and coffee. Angela’s voucher came in handy – the bill came to just 25 quid. I dropped Angela back to her hotel and headed home. I got in just after 10pm.

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