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I met with Jo today to catch the 6.15 performance of ‘X Men Origins: Wolverine‘ at the local Odeon.

Starring Hugh Jackman, it’s a prequel to the previous X-Men films and tells of how the character – Logan – becomes Wolverine.

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The film started much sooner than we expected – around 6.25 – as there wasn’t the normal endless run of trailers for upcoming films.

It was a slow start as the film took time to create the back-story, but before long, we were into the action where the special effects were truly superb. I was quite surprised at the similarity in an early part of the film with this and the story of Batman/Superman – both relying on the death of parents (Batman) and an elderly couple discovering the hero whilst out driving in their car and then befriending him (Superman). Thereafter, the story took a very different path – but I won’t spoil the plot here!

In the closing scenes, Patrick Stewart appeared as his character Xavier to give sanctuary to the young mutants. At least I think it was Patrick Stewart! They’d given him a digital makeover to make him look younger – but for me, he just looked a bit strange, like he’d ODed on Botox. Curious!

All-in-all, we enjoyed the film. Not the best of scripts (this wasn’t Hamlet by any means), but the action more than made up for it.

Star Trek next week (if we can get in!)

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