Jubilee Holiday: Sunday

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A long lie-in punctuated by Oliver invading our bed-space at around 7.30 – time for a sharp exit into the shower!!!

The weather for the Jubilee looks atrocious, as it looks like it’s been raining all night. A quick look at the TV news, confirmed that it was just as bad in London too.

We settled down for a leisurely breakfast of cereals, juice, tea, coffee and pleasingly the toast-production perfected, after yesterday’s fire hazard! A lazy morning followed with the roast lunch all prepared and the lamb cooking now that we’ve conquered the oven’s workings.

Lunch was ready within a smidge of 1pm and that gave us just enough time to enjoy the food and the conversation before turning into royal-couch-potatoes, watching the Thames Pageant on TV. It was quite a spectacle but the English weather deteriorated so much towards the end that it turned into a very grey day.
By 5.30 we were all feeling a bit stir-crazy, so with so much gorgeous scenery on our doorstep and the rain starting to lift, there was no excuse not to go for a walk. And walk we did; all the way around Fountain’s Abbey estate and into Studley Royal Gardens. It was a unique and equally eerie feeling wandering around the whole area without anyone else there – but it certainly cleared away the cobwebs!

7.00pm. We’re all refreshed and there was only one thing left to do – eat again! Roger prepared some sandwiches from the never-ending gammon joint that we brought with us.

A great day, but a pity about the weather (here and on the Thames). Hopefully, there won’t be too many days like this whilst we’re here as I’m nearly out of reading material!

Harrogate tomorrow.

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