Lee and Bertie’s for the weekend

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I got up at 7.45 and Ann followed shortly afterwards. We had tea/coffee in the guest suite.

I ate lightly at breakfast – brioche and jams, whilst Ann showered.

shadowrun After breakfast, we watched ‘Shadow Run‘ -on DVD – the one we started to watch last night. Starring Sir Michael Caine it tells the story of a ruthless and violent gangster (Caine) masterminding a raid on a security van whilst it is temporarily out of radio contact en-route to its destination.

The story seems to have been universally slated everywhere, with particular criticism being aimed at the child actors – but I found it quite watchable!

12.30 – Lunch. Gammon with scrummy creamy mash and lots of veg – carrots, broccoli and broad beans.

2.00pm – Time to leave and so we said our goodbyes and started the long trek back. It wasn’t a bad journey, traffic was a little heavier than the3 outward journey, but I guess that’s to be expected. We got in just before 4.30 (including stopping at Budgens for some milk).

It’s been good to see them both. It’s probably the longest period that’s gone-by since we last saw them (November ’til now). Lee is bright as a button and there are no signs of any after-effects of her operation last year. Bertie, on the other hand has really slowed down. Maybe it’s just his age, or maybe it’s the bucket-full of drugs he takes each day – maybe it’s both! He’s noticeably slower in most things, drops off to sleep at a moment’s notice and he’s struggling with his hearing – he’s much less mobile too and can’t get out of the chair without a lot of effort.

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