Family Meal – Cancelled

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When we got home from our meal last night there was a message on the answerphone. Mae’s cold had turned into Bronchitis and she was cancelling the family meal. We were due to drive to theirs today.

Plan B is that Roger, Jane and Oliver are going to drop into us for coffee later today.

Mae, in particular, will be really disappointed that she had to cancel. We don’t get together that often as a family, and we know the day would have been much more than just the meal.

Plan B changed to Plan C! Roger decided that he would go to Denis and Mae’s for coffee and then come to us for lunch.

They had a good journey from Heckington, arriving just before 1.30. We tucked into lunch (Ann created a rather scrummy potato, bacon and cheese casserole followed by stuffed apples and/or chocolate cake – not bad for a few hours’ notice!)

We finished off with tea and coffee. Around 3.30 it was time for them to make their way home.

Ann went for walk with Jo whilst I finished tidying-up.

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