Rosi’s for Dinner

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We were invited round to Rosi’s tonight for a meal. An early start – 4pm, mainly to make best use of the sunshine! Most of the gang were there, although Karen was away sailing; Tom and Julie and Georgina; Debbie and Stefan. And, as it turned out, it looked like everyone had heard about Rosi’s excellent cooking skills and most of the street turned up!

Click to view the complete range The event kicked off with a BBQ outside with nibbles. It was a gorgeous day, but it did get cold in the evening. Fortunately, David lit the Chimineas and that warmed us all up. It was good to catch up with everyone – it’s been a while!

I got a birthday card from Debbie and a card and a tie from Tom, Julie and Georgina.

We stayed until around 9pm and we then went round to David and Val’s to drop off the cake that Ann had made for him.

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