The Alan Parsons Project – Remastered Set

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Tales of Mystery and Imagination (1976) I, Robot (1977) Pyramid (1978) Eve (1979) Turn of a Friendly Card (1980)
Eye in the Sky (1982) Ammonia Avenue (1984) Vulture Culture (1985) Stereotomy (1986) Gaudi (1987)

Being a bit of a ‘completist’, this was very satisfying! I finally got hold of the remaining remastered Alan Parson’s Project Albums – so, I have them all now. From the first – ‘Tales of Mystery and Imagination’- originally released in 1976 right up until ‘Gaudi, his last in the Project series, released in 1987. The remastering process started in 2006 and each Album was released in the same order as the originals with added materials and a sharper sound.

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