Lee into Hospital/Bye-Bye Jaguar

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Wow! An early start for both of us this morning. At 3.55, we could hear moans and groans coming from Lee and Bertie’s bedroom. Ann comforted Lee whilst I rang for an ambulance. At that point none of us were sure what the problem was!

09.05: I heard from the hospital. Lee and Bertie are on their way home. The hospital wasn’t sure what the problem was either, but they suspect it was a gastric attack of some sort. By 10, Lee was tucked up in bed here with a hot water bottle.

10.19: Well, I said good-bye to the Jaguar today. No fuss, just a bit of paperwork …and it was gone! 35,562 miles on the clock and, if I say so myself, it’s as in good a condition as when it was delivered three years ago

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