The Plasma TV arrives…

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I suppose, I’ll look back on this Blog in future years and giggle at this ‘latest technology’, but right now, it’s the best TV AND picture I think I’ve ever seen!!!

At around 2.40, John Lewis arrived with the package. A surprisingly slim box that was easy to open although I don’t reckon we’ll be able to store it anywhere in the house – it’s just too big!!)
The surprise was the weight of the pedestal stand, which seemed to weigh as much as the TV itself. Any way a few minutes later with David’s help, it was in position. A few minutes more and it had tuned itself into all the analogue and satellite (FreeView) channels. FreeView didn’t take long as it couldn’t find a suitable signal – a job for the aerial man tomorrow!!!

Anyway, I hooked up the Sky box and WOW! what a picture!!! Stunning colours and very sharp too (and this ISN’T High Definition).

Ann was late home, but we stayed up and re-watched ‘Gladiator’ starring Russell Crowe – the film seemed even more impressive on a bigger screen.

So, if you’re reading this and thinking ‘should I buy a new TV’, I’d say, buy one like this, you won’t be disappointed!!

For the specification, see my previous Blog on Saturday

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