Bye-Bye Toshiba CRT TV…

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For us, (well, me actually!), this is a sad moment. The TV rental company (Cottons of Peterborough) picked up the Pioneer 36″ TV today. This is to make way for our shiny new 42″ plasma Panasonic that’s coming tomorrow. I guess it’s sad, because I’ve been with the TV rental company for as long as I can remember. That’s about three house moves!!

It’s only in recent years where the price of TVs has fallen, and the technology has settled down, that actually BUYING one has become a sensible option. Cotton’s service has always been 110% (at least). They’ve always been very responsive to any techy queries about the TVs that I’ve had – and when I wanted to upgrade, they always turned up on time and with the best TVs on the market – excellent stuff!!! – more impressive, when you think that we live around 35 miles from the shop these days, so we’re not exactly on the door-step anymore!

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